Album Options

Whether to have an actual wedding album in addition to the digital images of your day is a personal choice which most new couples opt for. You can decide on this after you have been presented with your online gallery and/or UBS stick of the images of your day, and at this point can also decided on the style of album you want. Making choices for your wedding day does not stop after the wedding!



If you decide to have an album there are 2 main types to choose between:

Matted Album – This album has traditional bevel-cut apertures to frame and display each chosen digital photograph. This album would be the more traditional style of album and images are generally mounted on white, ivory or black paper to create a classic feel. This album would display less images and give more importance to your favourite ones.

Flush Mount Album – This album is made up of photographic prints dry-mounted on cardboard. The images lay completely flat and can extend across the whole page. Similiar to a regular phototbook but not to be confused with one! Flush mount albums are stronger, tighter, finer and made with superior paper, binding and cover materials. This style of album would display more images and would be the less serious of the two styles of abums, however equally as beautiful.



I work with two main wedding ablbum companies called Jorgensen Albums and Folio Albums. Take a look at their websites to get an idea of what is to come after your wedding day! I know their products very well, so can help with advice and any questions you have regarding a wedding album, this is the final exciting stage to your wedding day.



Both styles of albums are a work of art and can be bound in a plethor of paper colours and cover fabrics from linen to leather to express your personalities.

Don’t forget all albums can have parent albums, i.e. a smaller album for your parents with exactly the same images, treatment etc.

Albums start from £450, and depend on style and size, etc

I would work with you and provide you with album proofing so it can be jigged around before the final spreads are decided upon for printing.


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